Friday, July 27, 2012

Past in the Present

            What makes a photograph so interesting is that it is a snippet of history caught in time. Photographs can capture a few seconds of an otherwise uneventful day, or become the key to answering questions about who was where and when.
            Photographs also capture of people, places, and things that are no longer visible, and document changes to those things that are still visible.  Being able to connect the past with the present using photographs is a neat way to get a feeling of what our ancestors saw on a daily basis.
            This first photograph documents Emma Lang Hall before Findley Hall was constructed. To the left is the former Smith Observatory. This observatory was later razed and the Burrell Observatory was built further North on campus.

When the Navy V-12 men came to BW, they used Burrell to learn about the stars in order to become expert navigators. Here the V-12 men are leaving class.

The Marting Hall Sundial was constructed by a BW student around 1915 and dedicated in honor of Dr. Berr. For years the sundial was a popular spot for students to gather around, especially after graduation.
            This photograph shows that the Philura Gould Baldwin Memorial Library used to have ivy growing all over the façade. Eventually it was cleared and the library was connected to Carnegie Science Hall and created Malicky.


       Finally, Hulet Hall, created from the remnants of the original hall, used to stand right next to Lang. During the 1970s, the hall was razed due to maintenance costs.

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