Friday, June 29, 2012

Dude, where's my school?!

These are perhaps two of my favorite photographs that I have come across. They are photos that document how close the quarrying actually came to the original Baldwin University Campus.

Baldwin University photo 1
In the first photo you can see Hulet Hall directly in the center and the old Methodist church to the left. Directly to the right of Hulet is Ladies Hall—relocated in the 1900s to become Carnegie Science Hall and now a part of Malicky Center. Then to the far right are North and South Halls.

Baldwin University photo 2
The second photograph depics the severity of the quarrying. This is the reason why there are no physical remnants of Baldwin University in the Metroparks, due to the depth of the digging and excavating. To the far left, you can see the tower of Hulet Hall and to the right is Baldwin Hall.

As the quarrying crept closer to the campus, there had been disagreements between Baldwin University and the Cleveland Stone Company as to the fate of the land. Eventually the Cleveland Stone Company agreed to pay Baldwin University for the land and gave them several years to move to the present day North Campus. It is interesting to think that the business that made John Baldwin wealthy and allowed him to create BU, also resulted in the destruction of campus.

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